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Vaccines Required for School Attendance

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The Importance of Breakfast
Please Label your Clothing
Loaner Clothes Closet
Emergency Contact List
Ear Aches


It is so important for your child to have a healthy breakfast every morning before school. We have had numerous children come into the nurse's office this year complaining of stomach aches. When they are quizzed about eating habits, nearly all of the children complaining of stomach pain have not had breakfast in the morning before school.
Breakfast is a "fuel" meal. This means that a healthy breakfast each morning gives your child the fuel he or she needs to concentrate and focus on school studies.

Please see that your child eats a healthy wholesome breakfast in the morning before coming to school. There is also breakfast available in the mornings at school for children who don't have time to eat at home.

For more information on free and reduced pay meals at school, please call 354-1549




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Parents - We have pounds of clothing left over every year that go unclaimed. Please mark your children's coats, sweatshirts, sweaters, etc with their name on the inside tag so they can be easily returned to the rightful owner.
We need donation for our loner clothes closet. We let students borrow the clothes when their clothes become soiled.
We need tops and pants (elastic waist preferred) in boys and girls sizes 5-11.
Thank you!
Also, to all parents /guardians: Anyone that picks up your child from school must be listed on the emergency contact list. If you want to add people to the emergency list please do so in writing. You can come into the office or send a note with your child for the office.
Emergency Contact List
Ear Aches Common causes for ear aches are 1) Wax build up or Wax impactions-Wax removal kits are available at most drug and grocery stores and are relatively inexpensive. Wax build up can often contribute to hearing problems. Follow the directions on the package. Severe wax impactions may call for a visit to the doctor. The doctor will irrigate the ear or use a special tool to dislodge the wax. 2) Eustachian Tube congestion- The Eustachian tubes connects the middle ear to the upper throat. The tubes can collect fluid due to upper respitory infections, common colds, or nasal allergies. Consult with you doctor for treatment. 3) Ear infections-Symptoms may include pain, fever, problems hearing and dizziness (vertigo). Consult with your doctor for treatment. I am always available to assess your childs' ears if you feel they have any of these issues.

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