Roger Rich welcomed to Lynden High as dean

Roger Rich welcomed to Lynden High as dean of students
Posted on 09/20/2018

The reasons continued to pile up as to why Lynden High School was the right fit for Fresno, California, native Roger Rich. 

The new dean of students at LHS joined the school over the summer, excited not only to make the move to Whatcom County, but also to the position that mixes teaching with helping ensure students are able to maximize their character and citizenship roles within the school.

Rich comes to Lynden directly from northern California where is wife was attending school. And as his wife looked to continue her education at Western Washington University in Bellingham, the draw to Whatcom County only grew. “We have always wanted to live here,” Rich says. “We have family in the area and have visited many times and love it. I even love the rain.”

Along with the location, Rich was attracted to Lynden High School for two reasons: the community and the specifics of the position. The role permits Rich to teach English language learners and serve as the dean. “It has allowed me to get my feet wet learning both sides and getting to know the community,” he says. “I find the community incredibly fascinating with its rich farming and cultural history. I have always wanted to work in a town like this.”

As the lone English learner access teacher on campus this year, Rich teaches a large group of students acquiring English as a second, third or fourth language.

In the fourth year of LHS featuring a dean of students position, Rich puts a focus on helping students “rise up” and meet their potential. He works as the AVID coordinator for the school to assist students actualize their goals and serves as the coordinator for the freshman mentor program, meeting with upper classman who help freshman acclimate to the new school environment.

“I feel really fortunate I was able to move right after the preceding school year and get to know the town,” Rich says about his relatively short amount of time at Lynden High School. “It is a great community. It is tight-knit and incredibly welcoming.”