Ellie Meenk named new Lynden Academy principal

Ellie Meenk named new Lynden Academy principal
Posted on 09/13/2018

Ellie Meenk has spent roughly 15 years serving all ages at Lynden Academy. From kindergartners to high schoolers, Meenk has done it all. Now the longtime teacher will take over a different role that even expands the range of students: principal of Lynden Academy and Lynden Preschools.

“I am thrilled to be working with everyone at Lynden Academy and the Lynden Preschools,” she says. “We have an incredible team.”

Having served at Lynden Academy since one year after the school started, Meenk enjoys the opportunity to work with families, to help them learn how to work with their child as they navigate homeschooling. “I appreciate coming alongside of them and I like to give back in that way,” she says. “We offer an opportunity to do something different in the Lynden School District. Lynden Academy is another layer that gives families an option, another way to look at education.”

Over the years, Meenk has expanded on role as teacher — and the teacher with the largest spread in age of students — adding administrative duties, serving as a substitute principal at Bernice Vossbeck Elementary or meeting with other administrators throughout the district. She was also recently honored with the Association for Learning Alternatives Secondary Educator Award. All that work led her into her new role as the principal of Lynden Academy, which is also enjoying expansion.

As the school continues to grow, the space at the former church becomes more suited for LA. The school has already expanded into The RAC gymnasium and now school staff has moved into new office space on the west side of the building. The preschool has also enjoyed its new home at the Lynden Academy site.