Info sought on 50-year-old LMS outdoor art

Info sought on 50-year-old LMS outdoor art heading to new school
Posted on 07/03/2018

As work nears completion on the brand-new Lynden Middle School, one piece of the school will have at least 50 years of history.

As the architects behind the design the put the finishing touches on the aesthetics of the new Line Road school they asked Lynden Schools officials if there was anything from the old middle school that needed to make its way over to the new school. Enter the sculpture art on the outside of the old school.

Located high on the wall of the exterior of the school, a lion statue has adorned the school for at least 50 years. Molly Mitchell-Mumma says that by pure happenstance the new school features an exterior wall seemingly made ideally for the old sculpture. So, while the details still need to get worked out, the sculpture will make the move. And now Mitchell-Mumma wants to know as much as possible about the art. 

“Was it a class project? Was it donated? It would be nice to know the history since it is the one thing we are bringing,” she says.

Mitchell-Mumma says they know the art is at least as old as 1968, where it is seen in an old yearbook photo. The art at one point said LHS, but was changed to LMS when the campus switched over. 

For those with information on the history of the sculpture, contact Mitchell-Mumma at