Changes in place for Lynden’s summer school

Changes in place for Lynden’s summer school
Posted on 06/14/2018

With summer break officially underway at Lynden Schools, the summer school program readies a start with an entirely new focus.

“We are doubling capacity for our program to serve kindergarten through third-grade students who need additional support in literacy and math,” says Patrick McClure, Isom Elementary principal. “We also have repurposed our fourth- through seventh-grade model to be a STEM-based program, focusing on science, technology, engineering and math.”

Starting June 20 and running through July 18—the summer school takes the first week of July off—the new-style program has an open enrollment model for the older ages, where anyone in fourth through seventh grade can apply. McClure says that section of the school will function more like a summer camp model with two different eight-day sessions.

The fourth- and fifth-grade course will focus on the concept of “launch,” using knowledge and skills to build and launch catapults, hot air balloons and rockets. The sixth- and seventh-grade program expects to engage students in collaborative problem solving in a variety of game-like settings, including an exciting escape room concept.

Those attending summer school in the younger kindergarten through third grades were nominated by teachers and invited to attend. “The goals of the K through third-grade program are to provide additional time and support for struggling learners, to maintain a connection to school and help mitigate summer learning loss that inevitably can occur,” McClure says. “It also helps provide access to reading materials throughout the summer for those students as we partner with the Lynden Public Library.”

At the older ages, McClure says the program aims to prove an engaging, exploratory learning experience, where students can collaborate and problem-solve with their peers using knowledge and skills that they’ve learned in math and science.

Located at Isom Elementary, the students will come from all Lynden Schools buildings, with teachers from throughout the district leading the learning.