What goes on in the Lab?

Computer Lab Specialist:
Mrs. Hildebrand

Please make sure that you visit our "Forms" page to Print out and fill out our Opt-Out Form.  This form needs to be filled out ONLY if you do not want your student to use the internet at school and also to indicate if you don't want your student's picture or work displayed on our website.

All students regularly visit the computer lab with their class!  Each student has an assigned computer location, and an individual headset.  The headsets are kept in a plastic zip lock bag and labeled with the full student name and teacher name.  Depending on grade level, students are learning how to properly type, create word documents, work in interactive reading/ phonics programs, work in web-based math related programs, play web based educational (math/ reading) games.   Please see the For Students: Learning Links for at home practice! 
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 Work of the Week!

We want to fill you in on a fun tradition that we have started in the computer lab. Each week, we showcase a piece of student work as the background on all lab computers.  It can be art work, a poster, a poem, a report, etc.  We rotate between classes and grades so there is a great variety of projects. The students love looking at the new display each week!