Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

            I am excited to be partnering with you in your child’s education!  Fifth Grade is a big jump for students.  In the primary years, the focus is on learning to read and basic literacy skills.  In the intermediate grades, the focus turns to reading to learn.  Some students may not yet have mastered basic skills, some students may be right on track, and some may need extensions to the curriculum to ensure they learn all that they can.  I will be conducting assessments the beginning of the school year to plan instruction so that each student has their particular needs met.  If there are specific concerns about your student, I will call to schedule a meeting.

            Your student will have homework each evening, beginning on Tuesday, September 8th.  You can expect about fifty minutes of homework each evening, in addition to daily reading requirements.  Students will write their homework assignments in their planner each day.  Please ask to see the planner and initial it each evening when the homework is completed.  Most students should be able to complete the work independently, with minimal assistance.  However, if your student has not met previous grade level standards, particularly in Math, they may need extra help.  Under no circumstances do I want students to become overly frustrated or spend excessive time on homework.  Please let me know if students are having difficulty at home, so that I may better assist them.

            Fifth Grade lunch is at 12:05, but students often get hungry before then.  I encourage them to bring a healthy snack.  We have a water fountain in the classroom, and students are welcome to use it as long as I am not in the middle of instruction.  Students often like to bring birthday treats for their classmates.  Letting me know a day in advance will assist me in making sure we have time to honor your child’s special day.

            You can stay connected to our classroom via our weekly newsletter (Miller's Minutes) and our webpage.  I will be posting pictures, student work, and information about upcoming events to our webpage.  I will usually let you know when something new has been posted to the web page in the weekly newsletter.  I will also be sending home a survey sheet so that you can share information about your child that will help me plan instruction and activities that are motivational and engaging for them.

            If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or drop me a note.  I have an open door policy for our classroom and you are more than welcome anytime. 

            We are going to have an exciting, fun, and productive year!  Thank you for your support in making this a wonderful learning and growing experience for your child.


Mrs. Miller