About Mrs. Miller



My name is Amy Miller.  I have been a teacher for twenty years and have had a variety of teaching positions - both in general education and in special education.  Teaching is the best job in the world!  I am so excited to be at Bernice Vossbeck Elementary.  I love working with the students, parents and staff in our wonderful community.


Mr. and Mrs. Miller


My husband Ron and I are both big Huskies fans and you can see us at most of the home football games. 


Tyler & Zach

My sons, Tyler and Zachary Dockins, both graduated from Bellingham High School.  Tyler graduated from the University of Washington in 2008, and received his Master's Degree in Special Education from Arizona State University.  He is now a high school special education teacher in New Jersey.  Zach works at the Bellingham Country Club and plays baseball, bowling, soccer, and basketball for Lynden's Special Olympics Team. 

My son Tyler is also married to a teacher.  His lovely young wife Stephany teaches 6th Grade Reading.  They live in New Jersey, along with my grandpuppy, an English Bulldog named Finnick.  I will be a first-time grandparent this year sometime in early October - stay tuned for the big announcement!


Ty & Steph

I graduated in 1995 from Arizona State University-West with a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education, and obtained my Master's Degree in Counseling and Human Relations from Northern Arizona University in 1998.  I am certified in Elementary Education K-8, teaching English Language Learners, and Special Education K-12.  I obtained my National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist in 2007.

Montezuma's Castle

Mrs. Miller

I practice an instructional method called differentiated instruction.  This means that in our classroom you will see students reading different books at a wide range of readability levels; working in a variety of learning configurations, which includes working in whole class, small group, and one on one; engaging in self-directed research projects; as well as working on pair and team assignments.  I am passionate about differentiated instruction because I believe all students should have the opportunity to learn to their potential and in a way that works for them.  This type of instruction ensures that all students get the instruction they need, when they need it.